TGI Fridays New Store Opening Graphics

TGI Fridays asked us for some out-of-the-box ideas for promoting new locations. We came up with a series of graphics featuring iconic “flair” and the traditional TGI Fridays uniform.

Under Construction Building Wrap

The proposed transit station graphic featured a marketing message completely covered with custom TGI Fridays flair buttons. This required user participation, as the message was revealed only when the buttons were removed. To encourage visits to the grand opening, we offered a free first round to anyone who brought in a piece of flair. This was a great way to build excitement around the new location, and ensure a solid crowd for the grand opening event.

Transit station with custom flair
Transit station – flair removed to reveal promotional offer

We also designed a bus wrap to add increased visibility throughout the city, and a billboard with a giant flair lug-on.

Bus wrap