ForeverCharms Product Launch

Launching this new product required a diverse set of skills, including branding, packaging design, photography, video editing, and web development. We helped create everything from the product name to the finished e-commerce website.

Brand Development

The process of launching this new brand included identifying likely consumers, exploring available domain names, naming the product itself, and ultimately developing a logo for the product line. After establishing the product name and target consumers, we explored a variety of type styles and treatments before designing a logo.

The completed logo is whimsical, bright, and a good fit for the product – a kit which enabled the consumer to create a solid silver charm imprinted with a fingerprint. After finalizing the logo, we created a color palette that appealed to our target audience — women, aged 5 to 40.

Product & Packaging

We then moved on to packaging, product literature, and a photoshoot featuring families working with the prototype product. This provided visuals that helped to create an emotional connection to the product, and highlighted the Fingerprint Charm Kit as a group activity for families.

Website and Marketing

In addition their initial product, the Fingerprint Charm Kit, our client created a line of ready-made jewelry featuring their charms. This ready-to-wear jewelry provided needed content for the website, and showed the level of quality that could be produced using the Fingerprint Charm Kit.

With help from WooCommerce, we were able to create a functional e-commerce website in just a few weeks. Our clients, who already had an experienced e-commerce staff, were able to handle almost all of the product creation and content. We provided product photography for featured pieces offered on the web site.

Social Media Promotion

To help promote the e-commerce website, we produced a marketing video showing the product in action, and highlighting the process of creating personalized silver jewelry using the Fingerprint Charm Kit. This video was shared on a variety of social media platforms, in addition to being featured on the web site.