Case Study

PMC Connection Brand Campaign

Positioning Local Business to Win Online

PMC Connection is a Dallas-based supplier of supplies and tools for artists working in metal clay. They were the original distributer of Mitsubishi’s Precious Metal Clay in the U.S. Their web site,, continues to be one of the top retailers of precious metal clay worldwide.

The PMC marketplace has drastically increased in size and complexity over the past 5 years. In addition to the many new products that have come to market, the number of PMC suppliers has increased significantly in just a few short years.

PMC Connection continues to position themselves as an artists supply company. Their brand advertising reflects that connection to the art community by prominently featuring original works of art. Ad copy seeks to align the brand with the focused attention which drives their artists.

Design, copy, art direction: Cmpreshn, Inc.

Photo: Paul Lara

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