Case Study

FUND Dallas Animal Services

Leveraging Google Maps for Political Advantage

During the summer of 2014, Dallas Animal Services was in danger of losing a significant portion of their funding. The City Council’s initial budget was $30 million short of fully funding the department. A friend of mine who is very involved in animal welfare issues brought this to my attention, and asked if I would be willing to work on a web site to help publicize the issue.

The resulting web site allows users to input an address, and choose from a list of services provided by Dallas Animal Services. Using Google’s maps API, we were able to display these entries on a map. This map showed the diverse use of Dallas Animal Services, and helped identify which specific services were most needed.

In addition the the web site, Cmpreshn provided design and layout services for a variety of print projects to help with the political campaign to restore funding for Dallas Animal Services. Eventually, all funding was fully restored to previous levels

The Fund DAS web site was an integral part in the campaign to restore this funding. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to participate in a campaign which ultimately improved quality of life in our city, and to have helped to save the jobs which would have been lost under the city’s origial budget proposal.

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