Case Study

ATCE 2010

National Conference Goes Italian

The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition is one of the most important oil and gas conferences in the world. We provided marketing concepts and printed collateral for this annual event for 13 years.

For all but two years of its 90 year history, this event has been held in U.S. cities, including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, New Orleans, and Denver. In 2010, SPE elected to hold this event in Florence, Italy in order to better serve their increasingly international audience.

SPE’s first point of contact for this event is an Exhibitor Prospectus, which is delivered to potential exhibitors. In order to highlight the international locale, and to bring home the significance of this event to exhibitors, we needed to make this piece feel very special.

We responded by bringing in outside designers to provide a wider range of design concepts. The final concept recalls a travel guide at first glance, deliberately focusing on the importance of the new venue. We added red foil and a blind emboss to the cover, and printed on heavy, textured, uncoated stock. This gave the finished piece a very distinctive look and feel. The color palette of reds and oranges was built around the warmth of the city of Florence, shown in photos throughout. Our clients were thrilled with the final product.

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ATCE 2010 Exhibitor Prospectus Cover ATCE 2010 Exhibitor Prospectus Interior